New Feature: Demographic Filtering in Text Analysis for Better Participant Insights

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Analyzing your participant’s feedback just got a power boost with the inclusion of Demographic Filters in our text analysis feature.  The Text Analysis tool, previously called the comment analysis tool, allows you to tag and organize  free-form text feedback received from participants across any EngagementHQ tool.  The addition of the Demographic Filter enables further segmentation and analysis of comments based on your participants’ demographics.

How do Demographic Filters help me?

Now you can use your registration questions to understand the person behind each comment a little better. Applying your registration questions as filters can help discern how a specific demographic feels about a particular topic. With this new update, you’ll be able to view and sort through demographics and search comments based on one or multiple demographic filters. These filters are customized based on the questions you ask during user registration.

When gathering a high volume of responses from participants, it can be challenging to understand and appropriately utilize these large data sets.  Spanning text analysis capabilities across all EngagementHQ feedback tools opens the door for straightforward reporting insights and conclusive feedback analysis on any given project. 

How it works:

    1. Tag participant comments
    2. Segment feedback and comments based on these curated tags
    3. Filter responses by demographics (data gathered during participant registration)
    4. Report on participant sentiment by varying demographics

Demographic Filtering demo
*Now more than ever, you can see the importance of utilizing Participant Registration with an emphasis on the type of questions and data you collect from your site participants. Head over to your Participant Registration page to ensure you are making the most of this essential feature.

Custom Project Reports

Don’t have time to tag comments and analyze your reports?  Have no fear! Bang the Table’s EngagementIQ Custom Project Report Services can manage these steps for you.  We’ll help you harness the power of text analysis and project reporting by creating a unique, interactive visualization dashboard for you.  This allows you to better explore your consultation inputs and make more informed decisions.  Embedding this custom dashboard into your EngagementHQ project pages can also support closing the loop with your participants. These reports invite your community to explore your consultation data with you, help provide transparency in decision making, and build trust within your community.  Contact your Engagement Manager to utilize this service.

Demographic Custom Reports

Understanding what participants think about particular issues is a key component of a successful consultation.  Text Analysis, and the subsequent Reporting, are powerful tools created to help you explore, filter, segment, and understand your feedback data.

See the Evolution: Qualitative Analysis on EngagementHQ

We have been actively upgrading our qualitative analysis tool to help you manage and interrogate the data your engagement activities are generating.  Last year, we expanded the power of our comment tagging to allow for keyword tagging across multiple tools within a project for more consistent analysis capabilities.  We introduced services to provide bespoke reporting where we tag and generate reports for you or help you upload content to the site (from face to face events) for comprehensive analysis.  Don’t forget to utilize Demographic Reports to ensure inclusive representation of all your residents and stakeholders.

So what’s next?  We are working on a number of upgrades aimed to help you quickly and efficiently report on large amounts of qualitative data.  Advanced text search and tagging options are coming soon, and our text analysis updates will continue to focus on providing you with the means to gather and analyze community responses across tools and topics. We are excited about the potential these improvements will have, making your reporting easier and less resource-intensive. Hopefully, this will free up your time and allow you to spend more of it with your community.

Contact your Engagement Manager to learn more about Text Analysis and EngagementIQ Services.

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