Engaging stakeholders through digital stories

Rich, or long form, digital stakeholder engagement, stands in stark contrast to short form methods such as quick polls, surveys and ideation.

In case you missed it last week Bang the Table CEO, Matthew Crozier spoke with David Donaldson of the Mandarin about making digital stakeholder engagement work.

David and Matt talked about the ability of online engagement to move beyond surveying (which still has its place in the engagement process) to collecting digital stories, or long-form engagement. As a rich form of data collection storytelling occupies a strange place in the lives of many practitioners. On one hand, we are all story tellers, using them effortlessly multiple times per day to explain what we mean in a range of situations (how many have you told today?), while on the other hand, it is often only for ‘special occasions’ that we seek people’s stories when we are engaging with them formally.

Some of the best examples of online engagement through story telling in recent times have been in:

Newcastle: http://yoursay.revitalisingnewcastle.com.au/design-newcastle-stories

Christchurch: https://yourvoice.ccc.govt.nz/your-library-your-voice?tool=story_telling_tool#tool_tab

In both cases participants have added richness as well as clarity to the discussion by not only telling what they think, but also showing it – another advantage of online engagement.

Read the full article is here: http://www.themandarin.com.au/making-digital-engagement-work/

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