Don’t consult over Christmas; It’s rude.

consult over Christmas

Last year I put up a post at around this time titled, Here’s why you don’t consult over Christmas.

Guess what? In twelve months, nothing’s changed.

Here’s a graphic showing cumulative traffic to all of the sites we manage over the past three years.

The starting point on the left hand side is July 1st, trailing up and down through to June 30th on the right hand side.

Graphic of weekly traffic to EngagementHQ sites showing a steep drop in traffic during the Christmas period

That canyon in the middle of the line… Christmas week.

The community hasn’t suddenly decided NOT to take a break (just like you and me) over Christmas.

Everyone is putting their feet up. No one (well, almost no one) is checking your website daily to see if there are any new projects to talk about.

So, please, take a break over Christmas and please, please, PLEASE let your community take a break too.

If you are working, then take the time to plan for a golden year of community engagement ahead.

Things will get back to normal by mid January and you’ll be able to launch all of those projects that seemed so very important the week before Christmas.

 Photo Credits: Merra Marie

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Published Date: 6 December 2013 Last modified on October 9, 2018

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