EHQ Year in Review 2018

Before we launch into what we expect to be a very exciting 2019 for EHQ, it’s worth taking a moment to look back at the year gone by and review some of the updates you might have missed.

In 2018, we released a host of new features aimed at improving productivity, as well as new reporting functionalities and tool enhancements.

In addition, we have also been working tirelessly in the background to lay the foundations for some monumental changes to EHQ, which we expect to reveal in 2019…

As an open innovation organisation, Bang the Table is committed to working closely with engagement practitioners and other industry experts, to build tools and systems which are designed specifically for community engagement.

We hope you enjoyed our 2018 releases and look forward to revealing some exciting changes next year! (Stay tuned…)

Homepage Drag and Drop

One of our most requested features in 2018, home page drag and drop, allows you to easily re-arrange your project tiles on the homepage of your EHQ site. This feature release also came with the ability to clean-up unused project tiles making the homepage management tool even more efficient.

Widget Cloning

Widget cloning takes the hassle out of copying widget information such as documents, faqs or images from one project to another. This feature makes it easier than ever to move your project page content without having to re-upload your information.

Ideas Tool Upgrade

Our Ideas Tool upgrade brought a host of new capabilities, including the ability for your participants to upload and edit images as well as leave comments on ideas. This upgrade make the ideas tool even more flexible for different types of ideation activities and opens up the tool for a deeper dive into qualitative discussions which can be analysed in our new comment analysis tool. We also changed the default filtering options for your ideas wall to ensure a wider range of ideas are discovered by your community.

PRM Updates

This year we rolled out several changes to our Participant Relationship Manager (PRM) to improve your ability to segment and group your database. This includes the addition of time based filters to allow you to search for participants seen before or after a specific date; bulk tagging of participants; the ability to edit and delete groups; the addition of a year of birth filter; as well as the ability to filter a list of imported participants.

Comment Analysis

We understand that analysing qualitative feedback is an essential component of community engagement practice. This is why we rebuilt our comment analysis tool to help you draw insights from your qualitative feedback across EHQ. Our new comment analysis tool allows you to tag feedback and comments from all 9 of EHQ’s digital engagement tools including essay and single line question types in surveys, forum comments and ideas to name a few.  With the ability to filter by comment tag and download reports, this tool makes it easier than ever to analyse feedback inside EHQ while laying the foundations for future iterations and advanced qualitative analysis features.

Year of Birth Question Type

We finally introduced a solution to avoid having to ask participants to provide their entire date of birth. By introducing a new sign-up form question type which restricts answers to only the year of birth, we have managed to overcome this crucial barrier to participation while still allowing for important database segmentation using participants age.

New Layer Options in Places

This year we also added layer support for KML layer types in our Places Tool. This means you can now overlay important mapping information using an open source layer type to display boundaries, identify zoning and help bring context to your maps. We have also begun Beta testing new layering options allowing you to draw and edit multiple layers on your Places map. This means you will be able to draw a combination of shapes, lines and objects on your maps as well as incorporate different GIS layers to create even more complex and rich mapping experiences for your community.

HTML Emails

Underneath the hood we have done a lot of work on improving our automated communications to your participants. We have upgraded our system email notifications, which are now sent as HTML emails. This provides your participants with better looking notification emails, helps you to cross-promote projects and means you no longer need to customise individual email notifications on the fly. This change is all part of our focus on improving the way EHQ keeps your participants engaged with your projects and will remain a key focus area for us in 2019 and beyond.

Free SSL Certificates

All EHQ clients in 2018 were given free SSL certificates as part of our commitment to security and privacy. EHQ is an ISO compliant and accredited organisation and we remain committed to ensuring all of our clients have the same levels of security as we expect for ourselves.

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