Email newsletter analytics provide insights into campaign effectiveness

Email newsletters are an underrated but critically important strategy for effective community engagement.

Making people aware of the policy work you are doing is the first step in the engagement process. Most people don’t pay any attention to local media and only become aware of important local issues when they are close to, or have tipped into, outrage.

Your EngagementHQ database is full of people who have demonstrated a willingness to engage with you online about public policy.

Email marketing to these people regularly gives you an opportunity to engage early (before outrage strikes) and will dramatically drive up your re-engagement rates.

Email newsletters are also the lowest cost form of marketing you can engage in as an organisation.

While EngagementHQ has had a newsletter function for a very long time, we noticed that it wasn’t being used as much as we would have expected.

So we asked our clients what was holding them back.

It turns out there are a bunch of reasons to do with internal processes, but the one thing that was missing from EngagementHQ newsletters was analytical functionality.

In short, you wanted to be able to measure the success of your email campaigns. Fair enough!

We’ve listened, and from now on all newsletters, you send from EngagementHQ will be tracked and we display important information about your campaigns.

Together with our recent addition of traffic sources to reporting, this will give you greater insights into the effectiveness of your EHQ email campaigns.

Going forward you will see four numbers in your Email tab.


Recipients: This number represents the amount of recipients included in your mailing list. This excludes people who have unsubscribed.

Delivered: The number of people that the email was delivered to. The difference to the ‘Recipients’ count is due to people not receiving the email because they are blocked in your database or there are other issues, e.g. the email is no longer in use or the inbox is full.

Unique Opens: The amount of recipients who open the email. Even if a participant opens an email multiple times, it will only be counted once.

Unique Clicks: The amount participant that click on any link in the email. Even if a participant clicks on multiple links or on the same link multiple times, it will only contribute one unique click.

*By law, all campaign emails must contain an unsubscribe link for participants. This is included at the bottom of all your EHQ newsletter by default. Participants will still receive transactional email, e.g. password reset emails, even if they are unsubscribed.

Published Date: 8 September 2017 Last modified on June 4, 2019

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