An Easier Way to Embed Projects Anywhere Using the New Project Finder Interface

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In a world where attention spans are short and digital content is plenty, gaining awareness of and driving visitors to your engagement projects can be a real challenge. Earlier this year, we introduced Project Finder as a new way to embed engagement projects on websites your participants already frequent, bringing more attention and participation to your projects.

Over the year, we’ve seen clients adopt Project Finder as part of their outreach strategy, making a more direct connection between their corporate website and engagement portal to drive awareness. Byron Shire Council has integrated Your Say Byron Shire as a tab on their corporate site, giving participants an easy way to see current topics of discussion with a direct link to have their say on their project of choice. Mackay Regional Council has created an integrated project hub to keep the community up to date on current projects via a map, as well as a direct link to have their say on their EngagementHQ portal. In both of these examples, embedding Project Finder provides a new channel to drive awareness and participation for their engagement projects.

Until now, Project Finder has required a manual configuration by our EngagementHQ Product team to create the unique embed code. Even with simple configuration options, clients have seen great momentum from embedding projects directly on their website, which is why we are excited to bring you a new way to configure and manage your Project Finder embed directly within EngagementHQ.

See the new Project Finder interface

Located in the Marketplace, the new interface offers a fully customizable, self-configurable option to manage how your project embeds will look and respond when added to a third party website. 

Project Finder Interface

The new configuration options allow you to enable different project filters, giving visitors the option to search projects based on topic, the year the project was published, or project status. If you prefer to keep visitors focused on specific projects, you also have the ability to display projects based solely on their tags or title.

In this embed example, we’ve configured Project Finder to only show projects about EngagementHQ tools from our demo site, removing the search and filter functions altogether. When you click on one of the projects below, you’ll be taken directly to the EngagementHQ project.

The new interface puts configuration and control in your hands. You now have the ability to configure how many projects to show and what your project cards look like, customizing how the different elements appear for website visitors. You can even apply your own custom CSS so your embedded projects fit within the look and feel of your corporate website.

If you want to see how the new Project Finder interface works, head over to the Marketplace and search Project Finder. When you select Try Now, you’ll be able to configure how your projects look when embedded on a different website. To learn more about Project Finder licensing and how it can help drive participation for your projects, reach out and schedule a call with your Engagement Manager.

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