We’ve constrained the EngagementHQ ‘forgotten password’ email template to protect you from yourself

The “forgotten password” function is a critical element of virtually every website. Without it, the site administrators would spend an eternity manually resetting lost passwords for an endless supply of frustrated database members.

EngagementHQ has had a forgotten password function more or less from day one of launch for alpha testing.

When we upgraded to version 2 of EngagementHQ a few years ago, we upgraded the forgotten password functionality to allow Site Administrators to customise the automatically generated email.

Recently, we’ve noticed that this flexibility might be a bit of a problem.

While being able to customise these emails was a ‘nice to have’ for our Site Administrators, we have seen too many cases in which the email has become corrupted due to invalid customisations.

For example, when the reset link is inadvertently removed or when too much text is included in the email, causing it to be caught by the recipient’s SPAM filter.

And so, after much debate and research, we’ve made the call to remove the ability to customise the forgotten password email and embed a best practice email instead.


We have designed and worded the email along best practice guidelines to ensure maximum deliverability rates.

Our goal is that forgotten password emails will never be caught in recipient’s SPAM filters, which is by far the most important aspect of these emails.

If you want to test your password forget email and to see what it looks like, simply go to your password forgot page and trigger the email.

Just make sure you are not logged in at the time. Of course, you don’t have to reset your password. If you don’t click on the link in the email you will receive, your password will remain as is.

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