EngagementHQ Gets a New Interface

We’re excited to kick off the new year with a refreshed interface for EngagementHQ!

Get a sneak peek of the new interface here:


But more than that, we’re excited to launch the next phase of our product journey. Over the last year, our team has been working to reimagine and reengineer the platform, expanding capabilities and releasing new features (a new survey tool, easy project sharing, and a new Project Finder tool, to name a few).  Going forward, the new framework of EngagementHQ will allow us to move through development projects quicker, so we can continue to evolve the platform to meet the growing needs of our clients around the world. 

While a refreshed look and a streamlined project builder are the first noticeable changes from the new interface, you can expect to see some other big changes coming in the next few months. We’ll be rolling out a new homepage editor, open surveys and sentiment analysis on the new EngagementHQ interface, simplifying development for admins while also advancing how clients use feedback and engagement data within their organisationorganization.

Through all this change, one thing is certain, we’re approaching 2020 with a big BANG! 

Request a demo and take a deeper dive into the new interface to see what’s new. 

Published Date: 29 January 2020 Last modified on March 16, 2020

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