Small changes make a big difference to your participant’s online experience

User Experience or UX is the fine art of making any product or process a joy to use or be part of.

When something has good UX, it’s a little like magic; you don’t even notice. Work becomes pleasure. Participation becomes fun.

When something has bad UX, if you’re a persistent person with a strong enough motivation, you may battle through to complete the task.

But if your motivation is weak, you are more likely to abandon the process or throw the product in the bin and go shopping for a better version.

At Bang the Table, we’re spending more and more time thinking about EngagementHQ’s UX for both participants and administrators.

Improved UX will simplify your role as an administrator. At the same time, you should see higher participation rates and re-engagement rates as participants find the participation so easy, intuitive and enjoyable.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have implemented various small measure to enhance participant experience.

While some of these changes improve very specific use cases, there are three changes that are worthwhile highlighting.

Split Sign In | Register into two links

The Sign In | Register links in your headers are now linking to two separate locations.

Sign In is directing the participants to “/login”, which is the page where they can log in.

Register is directing prospective participants directly to your registration form at “/register”.

This might not seem like much, but it’s one less click for participants and one less reason for them to abandon participating.

Redirecting new participants to what interests them most

Previously, participants who registered with your EHQ where sent to the homepage after they verified their email.

With our upgrade we are sending them back to whichever page they were on when they clicked on ‘Register’.

That might be a survey, a project page, or any of the deeper pages.

Another small change that makes a big difference by taking the participant to exactly the right page within your EngagementHQ site so that they don’t have to go fishing for it.

Clearer messages on surveys and ideas

The message on the surveys that are only open to registered participants has been redesigned to be clearer and to contain a link to the registration form.

This double barrelled change will make it that little bit easier for participants to know that they need to register, and to know exactly where to go to get involved.

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