EHQ’s new management interface makes surveys and forms fun again

The release of the new management interface is a game changer for your use of EngagementHQ surveys and forms. It will save you time. It’s more intuitive. And, just as importantly, it’s more fun.

You Spoke, We listened

While we really love seeing our client’s engaging their communities in online dialogue and using the other more transparent feedback tools, for better or worse, ‘Survey & Forms’ remain our most used feedback tool.

We understand that for a very long time they have been the industry ‘norm’, and it can take time to introduce new tools and methods into long standing processes.

One EngagementHQ site that is live right now has over 100 surveys published!

With that in mind, we’ve heard you loud and clear.

It’s fair to say that the management process for creating surveys and forms hasn’t been one of EngagmentHQ’s strong points. This release turns that on its head.

Surveys are now easy, intuitive and fun.

The Nitty Gritty

These are the things you need to know about the new survey and form management process:

  • So we did not change any of the options and features just yet, this upgrade is all about the interface for administrators. The way surveys appear on the site is not affected.
  • Setting up and managing surveys will become more intuitive, will require less clicks and hence save you valuable time.

Survey Settings

Things worth noting:

  • Survey title
  • Survey permalink
  • Survey welcome message
  • Survey thank you message
  • Message for ‘repeat’ participants
  • Email settings for ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ notifications
  • Participation type – anyone or registered participants only
  • Submission type – all single or multiple submissions

Questions Management

Question types:

  • Single line question
  • Essay question
  • Drop-down question
  • Radio button question
  • Check-box question
  • Suburb
  • Date
  • File upload
  • Likert
  • Number
  • Ranking
  • Email

Question settings:

  • Mandatory or optional
  • Add a footer note
  • Make the question conditional on another question response
  • Display radio button responses on a single line

Page elements:

  • Page break
  • Section header
  • Image

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