EngagementHQ Upgraded Newsletters in 4 Easy Steps

EngagementHQ’s built-in e-newsletter centre has been significantly upgraded and simplified. Apart from improving the overall look of all outgoing emails, we have consolidated the newsletter production stages from nine to four simple steps.

Step 1: Design Your Newsletter

First up, you’ll need to develop the content for your newsletter and design it up.

1. Subject Line

Create a subject line. Choose something catchy, definitely not “Simplified Newsletters”!

2. Header Logo & Banner

Now you need to decide whether to include your site logo and pick a banner.

This banner can either be your site banner or a project specific banner, even on templates that do not feature banners, such as Whitehaven.

3. Body Content

Write your email body in the content field. We have included a sample text that you can edit to your needs or simply delete all text and start with a blank canvas.

4. Preview

Click on ‘Preview’ to move to the next step

Step 2: Quality Assurance

Now you’ll want to make sure your newsletter looks just as you intended and that every detail is correct.

1. Mistakes Hunting

Check your newsletter for typos and check all links!

2. Testing

Click on ‘Send Test Email’ to send yourself and colleagues test emails.

3. Recipient Selection

Click on ‘Select Recipients’ to move to the third step.

Step 3: Select Recipients

Next it’s time to think about precisely who you want to send you Newsletter to.

1. Database Segmentation

Choose your entire database by selecting on ‘All Projects’, send your emails to clusters of projects or even just a single project.

If a project is selected, any participant who has registered through that project initially or is an engaged participant in that project will be on the mailing list.

2. List Refinement

Click on ‘View’ in the top right to see the mailing list and manually remove participants if required. Participants who have unsubscribed, are blocked or have never activated their account will never receive any emails.

3. Review

Click ‘Review & Send’ for the fourth and final step

Step 4: Review & Send

Take one last glance over your newsletter before sending it out. This is your last chance to make sure that all links work!

That is how easy it is to send newsletters now. Watch out for best practice tips over the next few weeks of how to best use the email function to communicate with your community.

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