Entertaining Community Engagement Videos that Promote Participation

I’ve found some fantastic examples of entertaining community engagement videos that promote and celebrate the work of government and encourage increased participation.

While some government organizations are still struggling with trepidation at the prospect of letting the community participate at all, others are creating this sort of super engaging content to attract the community to get more involved in their deliberations.

This wonderful ‘hip hop’ Hamilton style review of a year of City business at the City of Tigard in Oregon shows not only that the city gets a lot done but also that they have some incredibly talented young residents.

This reminded me of the first musical call to action I ever saw.  This came from my old friend Larry Schooler in 2010 when he was at the City of Austin and launching Speak Up Austin for the first time.  Larry is the handsome looking guy with the moves just to the right of the singer.  I love the staff chorus.  This video reflected a commitment to going the extra mile to hear from the community that the City still embodies today.

Yesterday colleagues shared this video from Innisfil in Canada launching their new online engagement portal.  It shows us both that Innisfil has some very young councillors and it takes time to poke fun at that old standard of engagement the ‘open microphone’.

Last but not least, here are our friends at  Niagara Falls getting the young people of the City to help promote Operation Awesome Playgrounds as part of the Niagara Falls Your Say site.

We seem to be seeing more and more of these videos which is a great sign.  If you have any examples I’d love to see them.

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