Evolving EngagementHQ

2019 has been a labor of love at Bang the Table. Whilst EngagementHQ is already one of the most comprehensive digital engagement platforms on the market, we are looking to the future and our next evolution. Matt recently wrote about what’s next for us and our industry broadly. With that as the backdrop, see how we’re rising to the challenge and what the not-so-distant future holds for the NEW EngagementHQ platform. 

But first, a look at what we achieved this year.

2019 recap

EngagementHQ helps accomplish four main things – build community, listen to community, inform stakeholders and measure feedback. And importantly, the platform allows this to happen in a trustworthy way by ensuring the highest security and privacy practices available. Our product evolution over the course of the year built on this while also increasing the efficiency of engagement workflows to help you advance your digital engagement practice.

We’ve upgraded our three most utilized feedback tools so you can better listen to and understand your communities’ views. These upgrades include adding advanced layers and map customizations for Places, adding photos, comments and the ability to like contributions made in the Ideas tool and finally a complete overhaul of our Survey tool. The Survey tool now incorporates skip and conditional logic, a new submissions counter feature to facilitate Petitions, emoji questions to gauge sentiment, and the ability to customize survey call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

To help you better inform stakeholders of new consultations, we’ve launched Project Finder through our new Marketplace. This feature allows you to easily share your engagement projects on your corporate site (or whatever website you like), making it easier for participants to find projects of interest.

To help better inform community-driven decision making, we’ve upgraded our text analysis feature, allowing tags to be applied and analyzed across all feedback tools and projects. This has greatly improved your ability to conduct qualitative analysis around engagement topics and provide deeper reports to stakeholders.

Additionally, customization and efficiency have been an area of focus as we released a homepage drag and drop editor, the ability to quickly clone content within any widget, and an easy option to share draft projects for review or approval with anyone (while maintaining the security of your engagement site).

Our new Marketplace partnership program continues to add value as we build integrations with industry leaders such as GovDelivery (Granicus), Balancing Act and Konveio.

So what’s next for EngagementHQ?

We spent a major part of our effort this year rebuilding the framework of EngagementHQ. This was the labor of love referred to in the introduction to this essay and which, going forward, will allow us to build and release product enhancements faster. We are all excited by what this rebuild has made possible!

The proof will be in the pudding however, so we aim to deliver a variety of enhancements each quarter that will give you and your community more reasons to love EngagementHQ. 

Here’s what you can expect to see in the first half of the new year.

The first big update you’ll see in 2020 is a new interface for EngagementHQ

Within the new administrator interface, you’ll notice three main changes:

  1. A modernized look and feel
  2. A more intuitive navigation
  3. A simplified project creation experience

The new interface focuses on efficiency and will help our site and project administrators build, launch and measure their engagement projects with ease. 

Your homepage build experience will delight

Two features currently in development will improve how you build and manage your homepages. The first is a powerful new homepage editor, simplifying how homepages are built while giving more options to customize how your homepage will look for participants. 

Additionally, we’ll look to release a new Enterprise feature that will allow you to add and manage Project Finder directly on your homepage. 

The participant experience will see improvements

A big part of keeping your community engaged is in creating an experience that is visually appealing, interesting, up-to-date and easy to use. We’ll be rolling out a new look for participants as well as a new participant profile page, giving recommendations for new projects and updates to subscribed projects in one easy-to-find location.

Added transparency for your community

We will continue to build on the new Survey tool, focusing on the participant experience. You’ll see an option to open survey answers to all participants, making surveys more interactive and transparent for community members. 

Text analysis will be reimagined for better reporting

Since opening text analysis to all feedback tools and projects, we’ve seen many clients start using and finding value in tagging and reporting on the different types of feedback. We’ll be improving how text analysis works and making it easier to conduct deeper analysis from your engagement activities.

Expansion of our marketplace

You’ll see new partnerships that bring AI analysis to the platform for enhanced reporting. Integrating SMS communication is also on the horizon, expanding how you communicate with participants.

Stay tuned

Watch out for more details about the new EngagementHQ interface (we’re calling it Bluehaven) and upcoming releases starting as early as January. We’re excited about what’s in store for our clients in 2020 and hope you love the new EngagementHQ as much as we do!

Thank you

This year, we took a step back to look at how EngagementHQ is working for our practitioners. We surveyed many of our clients as well as project and site administrators and have listened with intent to understand what you need from an engagement platform and how EngagementHQ is or is not hitting the mark. If you are one of the many clients that have provided us with feedback through the year, thank you, you all continue to drive us onward and upward.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season!

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