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Growth is essential, from the smallest towns to the largest metroplexes, from remote territories to heavily populated countries. Whether it comes in the form of attracting new residents, expanding support for current residents, or extending equitable access to civic services, a commitment to growth helps communities thrive. Of course, the same is true for businesses.

Over the last 14 years, Bang the Table has grown from an ambitious Australian startup with a great idea into a global company with hundreds of government clients. There have been remarkable achievements, we think we have helped our clients to make a difference and we have built lasting relationships across the world. That’s why we’re thrilled to share today’s news:

Today, we announced a new chapter in the Bang the Table story. We’re officially joining forces with Granicus, a major SaaS company serving governments in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and most recently, the ANZ market, and with OpenCities, another Australia-based govtech leader. The combined organization will serve more than 5,500 governments.

We have been working closely with Granicus in the US since 2019, co-hosting a number of events and working side-by-side with several members of the Granicus team to pursue joint opportunities. OpenCities are well known to our Australian team and clients, and we’ve also partnered with them. By combining the three market leaders in digital civic engagement into a single platform, we can transform the way governments and residents connect with one another.

We know what our customers love about Bang the Table: the personalized and efficient support, the innovative product platform, the reliable partnership and flexibility achieved through regular exchange of ideas and feedback with our team. Those are some of the primary factors that attracted Granicus to Bang the Table. That commitment to put clients and their communities at the heart of everything we do is part of what Bang the Table is bringing to the already amazing Granicus team. That won’t change. Nor will the data sovereignty, accessibility, privacy and security settings that you value so much be affected, other than that the new organization will be better placed to stay ahead of expected standards.

What will change is the capability and reach of the platform, our ability to invest in artificial intelligence and other technologies, our ability to reach more people and your ability to carry out a full range of community engagement tasks on a single platform.

Based on our experiences partnering with Granicus, we are confident that this was the right move at the right time to propel Bang the Table forward. Granicus has long been a champion of equity, inclusion, and accessibility, not just for its government clients, but for its employees as well. We know the Granicus team will greet each Bang the Table customer warmly and with a collaborative spirit as they welcome them to the family!

– Matt Crozier, CEO and Co-Founder of Bang the Table

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