Put a human face on your organisation and key projects with EngagementHQ’s “Who’s Listening” widget

Putting a face to your community engagement goes a long way to breaking the down the inevitable barriers between your organisation and your community of interest.

The Who’s Listening widget is one of EngagementHQ’s most popular widgets and has this week received a facelift, which will improve the general look and feel.

This widget is best use if you want to provide some general contact information and to give your consultation that ‘human touch’. Participants love to see that people are listening to their feedback.

BEFORE_-_Who_s_Listening.png AFTER_-_Who_s_Listening.png

What have we done?

  • We have removed the labels for ‘role’ and ‘organisation’ to more accurately resemble a regular business card
  • We have provided more space for the email address. Longer email addresses tended to break onto two lines and looked messy
  • We have improved the image field to avoid certain images appearing fuzzy when uploaded with unusual dimensions.

The way you set up the Who’s Listening widget is the same.

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