Rockdale City Council shows how the surveys tool helped their Playground Renewal project

Rockdale City Council in New South Wales, Australia has designed a beautiful and simple playground upgrade consultation site. This project features a single EngagmentHQ tool – a survey – to gather community feedback along with a number of customisable widgets, which provide site visitors with relevant and useful information.

We love how the Rockdale engagement team are constantly thinking outside-the-box for their online consultation needs and exploring the non-standard functions of EngagementHQ.

Let’s take a look at their playground upgrade project in more detail below.

Client: Rockdale City Council, NSW, Australia

Project: Renewing Rockdale – Playground Upgrades

Publish Date: 06 October

Topic: Council plan to upgrade three local parks with new playground equipment that caters for children of different ages and abilities

Tools: Surveys, Forms, SignUp Banner, 5x Custom Widgets (Google Translate, Clickable Image, 3x Google Maps), Life Cycle, Key Dates

We love:

    • Creative Consultation: The Rockdale City Council team created a coherent project page that complements the featured survey. We love the project’s clean design approach and appealing imagery.
    • A Simple Survey: The survey is very simple in design, consisting of a few buttons and essay-type questions. Simple, well-set out surveys are always better than complicated and long-winded ones. Our favourite feature is that the proposed playground changes are clearly outlined both in plain text (via the ‘section’ page element) and via related images (via the ‘image’ page element). Including graphics and/or images in a survey is a useful display tool.
    • Custom Widgets: We love seeing custom widgets on a project page as it means that the site manager has taken the time to consider unique display and utility options. Imagine our excitement when we saw five custom widgets on a single project page!
        • First up, the Google Translate widget, which translates web content into any language with the click of a button. Rockdale implements this feature on all consultation and project pages.
        • Second, a clickable image. This project is part of the bigger ‘Renewing Rockdale’ initiative and this widget image links through to the parent project. It is a fantastic way to highlight and promote a link to separate web page.
        • Third, all three playground locations are showcased using separate Google Maps. This sits alongside the survey and provides a location-based point of reference.
    • Balanced Design: The project has a well-balanced design due to the uniformity of column sizes. We highly recommend paying attention to this design element as sometimes we see mismatched column size, which makes the page appear slightly off kilter.
    • Consultation Closing Date: This project’s closing date is made very clear via the Key Dates widget and is included in the survey introduction. It’s very important to ensure your community doesn’t miss the date for feedback submission.

For further consideration

  • Better Site Navigation: EngagementHQ allows you to create parent <> child relationships between projects. The ‘Playground Upgrades’ project is part of the bigger ‘Renewing Rockdale’ initiative and can also be linked to directly from that site.
  • Project-Specific Banner: We prefer clients use project specific banners on all EngagementHQ project pages. This allows a client to describe the project at hand in greater detail and is a great visual introduction to the site. We recommend creating smaller-sized banners so that the most relevant content of the site move above the fold so that site visitors see relevant content as soon as they land on the homepage.

OVERALL: Rockdale has created a terrific project page for the Playground Upgrade consultation via a well-constructed survey and use of custom widgets. It is also worth taking a look at their other well-designed projects.

NOTE: The above is based on a visit to the site on 19 October 2015. Changes made to the project after that date may have altered the appearance of the project. 

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