The Education State site takes advantage of the new ‘Whitehaven’ design template in EHQ

We love the fresh new look of the Education State site, so we thought we’d take a closer look at how they’ve utilised the EngagementHQ tools and design through our new Whitehaven template. We’ve broken down some of the features, to give you a guided look at how they’re using EHQ.

Site: Education State (Victorian Department of Education)

Project: Let’s Talk About Early Childhood

Publish Date: 27 August 2015

Topic: Education

Tools: Forum, Surveys & Forms

Widgets: Signup Banner, FAQ, Document Library, Key Dates, Twitter (Custom), Life Cycle

What we like:

Layout: This project uses our newest “Whitehaven” template. Whitehaven showcases an image based homepage and removes the banner from all project pages, thus moving all of the engagement tools into the centre of the page. It also has a very fresh and contemporary look.

Calls-to-action: We see this implemented as best practice across our sites more regularly. This consultation’s calls-to-action are peppered through the project description, in the tools’ tabs and, of course, in the project title itself.

RSVP form: The ‘Register for an event’ form is a great use of EHQ’s Surveys & Forms tool. We’re often asked how Eventbrite or similar 3rd party functions can be embedded into EngagementHQ sites. However, this is often unnecessary. If you use the Surveys & Forms tool as implemented on this site, you might not have to use a 3rd party app. Importantly, all data is collected in your project analytics for your perusal and analysis.

Life Cycle: Using the Life Cycle widget is very important in Whitehaven as it feeds into the progress bar on the homepage. If you are already using Whitehaven, consider this function. If not, ask us how to migrate your site to the new template.

Completeness: The project feels 100% complete and well-produced. The widgets contain all key information, the project description is not too long and clearly outlines the consultation context and all available EHQ tools are enabled and published. Though this seems like a no-brainer, we regularly find good projects missing the key elements that would transform them into fantastic ones… and contenders for the fortnightly staff pick!

For further consideration:

Shorten widgets: This project has a multitude of tools enabled, which are all important. However, due to the high number of widgets, the right-hand column is too long in comparison to the left. The solution is to display less content, which means fewer FAQs, fewer documents, etc. All content would still be available; it would just be hidden behind the ‘more…’ link.

Use Brainstormer: One of the discussion topics asks for participants to share ideas about the consultation. Though the Forum tool can be used effectively to gather ideas, the team could instead use our brand new Brainstormer tool, created for just this purpose.


This is not the first EHQ project by the Victorian Department of Education, and all their prior projects have also been very good. This project is no exception. We love how visually attractive this Whitehaven project looks and how inviting it is for participants to engage with.

NOTE: The above is based on a visit to the site on 04 September 2015. Changes made to the project after that date may have altered the appearance of the project.

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