How Single Sign-On can enhance your online engagement activities

If you’re looking for ways to grow your community database and make it easier for community members to get involved in online consultations, Single Sign-On (SSO) is a great way to access and harness existing databases.

Utilising SSO allows you to easily connect your online engagement platform with existing databases such as a staff database, public library, membership database, health practitioners database or any other database where members exist.

By doing this, you instantly give your online engagement activities a kick along as your community will be able to use their existing login credentials to sign in and get involved in your consultations.

Single Sign-On is perfect for organisations going through digital transformation processes and looking to streamline how their community accesses services.

Below are 4 reasons why we think Single Sign-On is great for online engagement:

1. Internal Buy in

By connecting your staff database directly to your online engagement portal using SSO, your team has instant access to the platform with their existing credentials.

This way you can better target internal staff engagement, involve your colleagues in training and community building as well as make your activities more visible inside your organisation.

Getting staff buy-in to your engagement activities by including them in the process and making it easier via SSO is a great way to build a culture of engagement.

2. Removes perceived barrier to participation

When it comes to online engagement, we regularly hear that registration is perceived as a barrier to participation.

While we don’t necessarily believe this to be true and our data tells us otherwise, SSO can certainly help overcome this fear.

By connecting with an existing service which your community are already subscribed to, you can remove any perceived barriers to participation and allow them to give feedback and input using their existing credentials.

3. Increased security

Your staff and community members will have more confidence in the security of their accounts and personal information with SSO in place.

Knowing they don’t have to sign up to yet another system and worry about how secure the provider (no need to worry about EHQ, we got this sorted) is, means your community will have more confidence in your online engagement portal and activities.

It also means if you need to remove or ban someone from accessing your services, because they have left or ceased membership, they will instantly be blocked from having further access.

4. Helps to foster public participation

By utilising existing databases and providing a more seamless service environment for your community you can better foster a culture of public participation.

Utilise your existing members and databases to help you drive participation, make your online engagement portal more visible and highlight the ease of access.

With Single Sign-On you can get more people involved more quickly and lower barriers to participation.

If you are interested in Single Sign-On for your EngagementHQ site, please contact for more information.

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