IAP2 Core Values Awards Winners 2017

IAP2 has a foundation based on three pillars. One of these pillars include a list of core values. These give structure to expectations within the public participation process. Each year IAP2 awards different organisations that are leaders when it comes to their core values. These awards were designed to “encourage excellence, quality and innovation in public participation internationally.”

Bang the Table was proud to see many clients recognised for their qualifying characteristics. Those awarded at this year’s Core Values Awards Gala Dinner in Melbourne, Australia include Central Coast Council, Victorian Level Crossing Removal Authority, and Geelong Citizens Jury.

With EngagementHQ as the driver for all of their online community engagement projects, each of these cities saw much success in public participation.

IAP2 Core Values Awards Winners

Central Coast Council was highly commended for their infrastructure on the People Powered Skate Place project. The Council’s main goal was to gather input from the community to both empower them and get insight on design for the skatepark. This space was to be the central hub for a variety of community members of Wyong as well as an attraction for global skateboarders. It was important to get insight from the future users of the space to ensure success of the park.

Level Crossing Removal Authority was also highly commended for their infrastructure on the Abbotts Road Level Crossing Removal Project. The project was focused on the removal of 50 of Victoria’s most dangerous level crossings. These unsafe railroad-street intersections are highly trafficked areas and are very dangerous, seeing two deaths in the last 7 years. The engagement and technical teams formed a Business Liaison Group to get genuine feedback from community members which included business owners, local employees and landowners. This group gave valuable input throughout the process which helped the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) in their planning.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning & MosaicLab was awarded in community development for their Democracy in Geelong – The Geelong Citizens’ Jury project while also being commended for one of the Projects of the Year! The past decade in Greater Geelong had the community in a state of mistrust when it came to the Greater Geelong City Council. After Victorian Parliament dismissed the council in 2016, they relied on feedback from the people on how to proceed in determining the electoral structure for the future election. The people of Geelong were able to come up with a list of ways to improve local democracy in Greater Geelong. Community members being able to make such a direct impact in local democracy was the first of its time.

Lastly, Lake Macquarie City Council won both Australasia Organisation of the Year and the International Organisation of the Year! The Lake Macquarie Council has made a triumphant effort to give the community more weigh in on the decisions that affect them. This has made a tremendous change inside the organisation and in the local community when it comes to culture and practice of participation. With the expansion of these engagement programs they have seen continued growth and participation on city plans and efforts. The council continues to be innovative with its thinking which has lead to a broader audience, more interactive engagement and larger response rates. The new way of communicating will have an impact on the direction of council plans for many years to come.

Congratulations to our clients on a very successful year, and leading the way in engaging their communities on issues that impact them. We are proud to work with such innovative organisations. You can find out more details about the winners and their projects here.

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