Interactive mapping operationalizes accessibility

In transport planning, locational accessibility measures offer insights into the possibilities of broader economic effects. Linking transport systems and land use, accessibility measures can transform complex technical information into representations more easily understood information for diverse stakeholders that can support co-creative planning.

Anson F. Stewart and P. Christopher Zegras illustrate the development and initial testing of CoAXs, a Collaborative Accessibility-based Stakeholder Engagement System. CoAX, an open source stakeholder engagement tool for co-creative transport planning. Stewart and Zegras explore initial development and focus group testing with example bus rapid transit corridors in Boston, Massachusetts. Published in Research in Transportation Economics, their article, ‘CoAXs: A Collaborative Accessibility-based Stakeholder Engagement System for communicating transport impacts’.

As Stewart and Zegras’ research sees it, interactive mapping tools can operationalize accessibility measures for stakeholder participation in deliberating impact and value of transport investment.

Anson F. Stewart is a PhD candidate in the interdepartmental transportation doctoral program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). P. Christopher Zegras is Associate Professor of Transportation & Urban Planning at MIT.

Photo: Unsplash/Pixabay/cc

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