Making the Case for Real Community Engagement

I’ve quite literally never heard anyone defend the ‘open mic’ as a community engagement process and yet, even in 2021, it continues to persist in many cities across the globe.

Achieving Real Community Engagement

The good news: real community engagement is attainable by moving beyond just the face-to-face meeting. Online engagement has a proven track record of bringing more people to the table, lessening risk for organizations, and speeding up project timelines. 

To show core decision-makers what can be done with more serious and sustained approaches, we’ve put together an ebook talking about the value of online community engagement. The ebook takes a deep dive into case studies, supporting research, and how a digital-first approach enables you to better serve your community.

The Value of Online Community Engagement

The ebook covers both “how” and “why” online engagement is important for any organization with stakeholders. Digital communication and feedback tools, coupled with in-person meetings, improve brainstorming and community-building, while also helping make sense of your data quickly.

Download the ebook.

Want to learn more? Explore our other ebooks, or reach out to us directly to discuss how you can encourage meaningful, real community engagement throughout your organization.

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