Managing Your Data Privacy and Security in EngagementHQ

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As part of our ongoing commitment to data security and privacy for our clients and their communities across the globe, Bang the Table has successfully been re-certified for ISO 27001.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 161 national standard bodies, publishing more than 2100 international standards, covering almost every industry. The ISO standard for managing information security is ISO 27001. To be accredited for it, organizations must pass rigorous third party audits and internal stress testing of their security processes, data management and risk controls. We believe that your data security is foundational to a successful digital engagement program and ISO 27001 certification ensures that our information management processes are at the highest standards for you and your community.

We have had regular audits since we first achieved ISO 27001 accreditation to ensure the controls are constantly in place and being improved. This ongoing commitment allowed us to pass a full audit of all our controls and procedures and achieve re-certification.

A reminder of the benefits of ISO 27001 accreditation to the users of EngagementHQ:

  • Reassurance that our operations meet the highest information security standards
  • Confidence that the data that we hold for you and your community is protected from loss, theft and damage
  • Confirmation that our risk management and mitigation practices are in line with yours
  • Independent audits ensure our services meet and exceed legal compliance requirements
  • IT risk is removed from your projects

ISO 27001 as a standard establishes a continual improvement process for systems and operations, as evidenced by the ongoing evolution and improvement of our information security management system (ISMS) as the security and privacy landscape continues to change.

While ISO 27001 provides standards for how we manage our information systems, we look to GDPR guidelines to ensure data privacy for participants. The importance of data privacy as a fundamental human right is becoming ever clearer in this unprecedented time in human history. GDPR is a global standard that protects this fundamental right to privacy and protection of personal data. EngagementHQ has been GDPR compliant since the law went into effect in 2018 and this is also an area we have continued to strengthen and evolve along with our collective understanding of this issue.

Putting the Control in Your Hands

Now, we’re giving you the controls to manage aspects of privacy and security compliance within your EngagementHQ platform.

A new section within EngagementHQ’s interface allows you to easily enable or disable different security and privacy settings for your organization. For example, you now have the ability to turn on or off GDPR recommended cookie consent with a simple switch

Privacy and Security - EngagementHQ

Login to your EngagementHQ site and check your data and privacy settings under the Site Settings navigation to explore all the new options at your fingertips.

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