Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District Proves Agile in a Time of Crisis

The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District needed to reach out to essential service workers in the District’s Community to determine the need for childcare and educational services for children (aged 0 – 12).

While the Ministry of Education has suspended all in-classroom instruction, school districts have been asked to provide daytime childcare for children of essential service workers so that these individuals can continue to work. Essential service workers are those whose work is considered critical to preserving life, health and societal functioning.

It took the school district (SD42) just 4 days to get the survey online and was able to promote the survey through existing school email lists and a dedicated parent portal.

In 5 days (March 26th to March 30th), SD42 was able to hear from 1200 families.  They reviewed the survey results and began reaching out to families that needed services by April 3rd.  Almost 4,000 community members accessed the site during this time too.

Using Let’s Talk SD42, the district board could provide access to the survey quickly and engage essential service workers in a very short space of time to gather critical data needed to plan services. The ease of use and access, for the community, proved efficient for the board to get what they needed to react in a time of crisis.

The board will continue to use Let’s Talk SD42 for key community engagement initiatives that must continue while schools are closed.

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