Bang the Table Partners with MessageMedia to Unlock SMS Engagement for Government Organisations

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I’m excited to officially announce our new partnership with MessageMedia, unlocking SMS engagement for our shared clients. This new partnership will enhance how government organizationsorganisations communicate and capture feedback from their residents and community stakeholders, integrating SMS services into the EngagementHQ platform.

SMS provides an opportunity for government agencies to broaden their reach and communicate with residents who are less connected. 

With this new partnership, local, state or federal governments can offer residents the ability to opt-in to receive text message updates about community projects and give input on projects of interest to them.

engagementhq on mobile text smsThis new level of communication will allow clients to easily expand the reach of their engagement and is a great way to get contributions from those who may not have easy access to the internet or who are too pushed for time to visit the engagement site. It will increase contributions and allow targeting of specific groups by clients who have access to mobile phone numbers, making EngagementHQ more accessible to underrepresented groups.

With open rates of ninety-eight percent, SMS is an effective channel for reaching busy audiences. This first phase of integration with EngagementHQ allows organizationsorganisations to send text messages and communicate upcoming consultations or close the loop from past engagements to participants in a convenient and mobile-first way.

The second phase of our integration will enable two-way SMS conversations between organizationsorganisations and their communities. Feedback tools, such as Quick Polls and Ideas, can be embedded directly into text messages, allowing organizationsorganisations to capture data directly from a participant’s text reply and send it to their EngagementHQ site along with all other participant responses.

SMS engagement will be offered through the EngagementHQ Marketplace. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with your Engagement Manager, or contact us to see how it works.

Published Date: 6 April 2020 Last modified on March 11, 2021

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