Mobile public engagement

This article is a slide-deck for a presentation about mobile public engagement with smartphones delivered to the Australasian chapter of the IAP2 in November 2011.


Slide #1: Smart Phone Engagement

Slide #2: #iap2mobile @crispin_btt

Slide #3: Why?

Slide #4: Image – commuters looking at mobile phone screens

Slide #5: Chart – growth in mobile engagement from 1% in September 2005 to 5% in July 2007

Slide #6: Chart – Smart phone platforms: iPhone – 84%, Android – 12%, Blackberry – 4%

Slide #7: What?

Slide #8: image – middle aged business woman in 1980s clothes talking on a large mobile phone

Slide #9: image – David Beckham with a very small blue tooth mobile earpiece

Slide #10: Chart – Frequency histogram of mobile platform by visits and pages per visit

Slide #11: PCD – Personal Communications Device

Slide #12: Image – iPhone

Slide #13: My iPhone home screen – Google+, Facebook, Hootsuite, Linkedin, Foursquare, Zendesk, Chatter, Yammer, Xero, Analytics, ZED…

Slide #14: How?

Slide #15: SMS – image of mobile phone screen with text messages

Slide #16: 500,000 apps + screen shots

Slide #17: Surveys – image of mobile phone screen with survey

Slide #18: Social Networking – image of mobile phone screen with Facebook

Slide #19: Social Media Management – image of mobile phone screen with Hootsuite

Slide #20: Image of SeeClickFix screens

Slide #21: Image of Trapster screens

Slide #22: What if?

Slide #23: QR Codes – image of QR code

Slide #24: Augmented reality – image of St Paul Cathedral spire with augmented information

Slide #25: Image of mobile phone in front of dinosaur with information about the dinosaur

Slide #26: Image of mobile phone in front of the German Parliament with an historic sketch of the parliament

Slide #27: Place Based engagement – image of mobile maps

Slide #28: GPS Gaming – image of mobile map based games

Slide #29: The end

Photo credit: Michael Coglan

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