Moderation: An Added Benefit to Online Engagement

A great way to get your community engaged is to bring them online. Providing a place that is easily accessible to the larger public, while giving ample opportunity to read opposing sides, gain knowledge and share ideas that help your community thrive.

Having such an easily accessible way of communicating with others from wherever you are, ensures more diverse groups are able to share their thoughts and feel more comfortable and empowered. With that welcoming atmosphere, there is a definite need for moderation.

There are many options when it comes to moderation and knowing your options and what will work best in your online setting is key. Having the knowledge and desire to moderate is also important and is a major step towards having a successful and engaging atmosphere online.

Putting a moderation plan in place keeps the online space safe and creates a space where people will want to learn and share. Having a welcoming environment is important so people are not afraid to share their thoughts.

Deciding what kind of moderation needs to be put in place is also important. Having an idea of why different types of moderation exist can help you in managing your online community. You can choose to pre-moderate and screen comments before they go live, or post-moderate and have a standard time period in which the comments are read after going live. You can also have the community nominate which comments belong online and which should be removed.

Check out more types of moderation and how they can be applied by downloading our 100 ideas guide.

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