Moving Beyond the Survey

Digital engagement offers a convenient way to listen to, and gain feedback from, public and community stakeholders. For meaningful connection to happen, we need to create a safe online place for public debate.

  • A place to exchange ideas
  • A place to learn from other people
  • A place to read and watch videos about important matters
  • A place of trusted sources of facts and figures
  • A place to take part, not just fill out a form

And while online surveys offer a quick and easy way to capture input, they don’t build a community that is based on trust and open dialogue alone. For meaningful engagement to happen, we need to look past the survey and understand how the different tools can foster connection and build trust.

Tune into this vlog to learn what other engagement tools are available, how those tools can be used to activate open dialogue at different stages of engagement, and when to use each tool to get the best results.

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