Keeping up with participant’s activity and engagement on your site is a key task for any site administrator and our new ‘Activity’ page will make sure it is easier than ever.

You are used to keeping track of engagement via the Live Activity Feed on Dashboard. Now you can see the details of all engagement in one space and quickly navigate to pages where your attention and action is required, such as your Q&A tools. 

How do I find it?

Click on the  symbol in the top right next to your email address.

What can I do on the page?

See all activity that occurred on in your EHQ from the day this was made available to you and quickly navigate to parts of the site that need your attention. Site administrators can see ALL activity. Project administrator can see activity for projects they have been assigned to.

When will it be rolled out?

Bit by bit over the next two weeks, starting on 30 June 2016.

Where can I read more?

Click here for more detail and if you require help navigating the Activity Page.