Your EngagementHQ will soon be improved by what is the most exciting backend feature we have released this year; our completely revamped Participants page. 

What is it?

We have enhanced the Participants page to introduce grouping options. You can now filter participants by their screen names, their email addresses, their activity, by tags and even demographic information you collect during the registration process and create groups based on these filters.

These groups can then be used to send specific newsletters or give groups exclusive access to protected consultations. 

In addition to the filtering, you can now also see a participant’s activity history (from the day this feature was enabled) and add notes to the participant’s account, for example to log an offline activity they have participated in. 

That sounds fantastic, when can I start doing this?

Soon, we are rolling this out to everyone before the end of July. We have tested this on a few sites for several weeks to make sure everything works as expected and now it is available to everyone. 

Where can I learn more?

We have technical help articles available here and, over time, will add more practice based article to this library. We believe the new grouping options can change the way you manage your online community significantly and we will be there to help you with it. For that reason we have also schedule a webinar for our Australian and New Zealand clients on Tuesday the 25th of July. Please register here.

Webinars for our clients in the USACanada and the UK will follow and be announced shortly.