New: Share Draft Projects Easily in EngagementHQ

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We are thrilled to announce the release of draft project sharing, one of the many releases you’ll see coming from the new EngagementHQ platform. You wanted a better way to seek feedback or approval on draft projects, and now you can do just that! This latest update provides an easy and secure way to share any project in draft mode with anyone, outside or within your [
region=”america” html_tag=”span”]organization[/geot]. The people you’re sharing with don’t even need a login or special information – just the link you send their way.

Draft project sharing gives project admins peace of mind and is our newest feature designed to improve your workflow while still maintaining data security within your platform. You can now send any project for approval or feedback without worrying about sensitive information, accidentally publishing live, or allowing anyone access to the backend of your platform. This process can now be achieved by simply generating a temporary private link and sharing it directly with your intended reviewer. There is also a tab with a list of previously generated links, and there you’ll find the ability to revoke active links or force them to expire. These features help ensure no one has access to your projects without your direct knowledge, and give you full control over what links are being shared.  

Take a look at a quick demonstration of the feature within EngagementHQ

Draft Project Sharing

In building this capability we have included important security features to keep your project data safe and the information within viewed only by those intended. 

  • The first is that private links are temporary and auto-expire at the end of a 7-day duration so that links don’t work indefinitely
  • Private links also expire if the Project status changes out of “Draft” mode
  • You also have to purposefully generate and then send out links, they are not automatically created 
  • At any given point of time, only one link can be active per project, and you can force that link to expire immediately from within the manage link area
  • In that same area, you can keep track of all previous and current links and who has generated or expired them, just in case you need to audit the sharing history
  • EngagementHQ also captures the link-sharing history in the Audit Trail

We’re excited for this feature to save you time as you share your thoughts and drafts with others, and we hope the collaboration allows for better engagement across your projects! Reach out to your Engagement Manager if you’d like to learn more.

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