New Survey Tool Featuring Skip & Conditional Logic

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We are excited to announce the release of a completely new Survey tool as a part of our improvements within the EngagementHQ suite. This release includes a totally redesigned and intuitive look from both the administrators and participants’ perspective, as well as some efficiency goodies guaranteed to save you time.  The new survey builder was developed to drive participant engagement, offering a mobile-friendly experience that incorporates rich media in both questions and answers. We’ve also developed this tool with the project administrators in mind, ensuring your time is spent as effectively as possible, giving you a powerful Survey tool to create creative and enticing journeys to engage your participants on any type of community project. 

Visual Design Flexibility

When you first enable the new Survey tool, you’ll experience a cleaner, more intuitive survey builder that is easy to navigate, helping you create your surveys faster and with ease. Developing your new survey through a simple drag and drop interface brings your content to life with less time and effort. Simply drag and drop to arrange your questions, or drag and drop pages to reorganize and move questions between pages. The new interface allows you to easily visualize the flow for your participants to ensure their experience with the various questions is engaging and easy to understand, all before you publish it live. 

New intuitive design Great looking new interface

Skip Logic & Conditional Logic Functionality 

Skip logic is a key feature for practitioners looking to tailor their survey questions to align with the unique circumstances of community members. The new skip logic feature allows you to send participants from one question to any other quickly and easily based on their answers to previous questions. This is improved visually as well so you can see the logic in how questions are arranged or nestled and can better visualize the flow of a survey as you’re building it. Skip logic can be applied to multiple-choice survey questions or entire pages within your survey. Conditional logic can also be applied, taking your participants deeper into a specific path of questions. Applying skip logic and conditional logic to your survey or pages allows you to create curated journeys for participants. It helps you keep the questions relevant to their experience while gaining deeper insights and more articulated feedback for your engagement project.  Making surveys more relevant to the people taking them encourages participation in current and future surveys, and the new skip logic feature provides a powerful way to keep questions fun and engaging for participants.

Skip Logic New Skip Logic

Question Design Improvements

You’ll see the new Survey builder also offers new design and formatting options for questions highlighted below:

  • We’ve expanded image support within both questions and answers, giving you the option to easily convert to an image question within the flow of building your survey.  
  • Likert questions now include a standard 5 point scale and a simple emoji Likert question to help you capture sentiment around a particular topic. 
  • There is now the ability to add an “other” answer option allowing participants to fill in the blank if their answer is not initially listed.  
  • For those needing to remove bias from certain questions, we’ve added an option to randomize the order answers are displayed. 
  • You can now hide questions or options on published surveys that have already received responses or easily delete options that have no responses. 
  • When you’re looking to save time and be more efficient in survey development, you can now simply clone questions, pages or even whole surveys for future use!
  • We’ve built in a print to PDF option for easy sharing if you’re looking to align your Face to Face engagement with the online platform.

We’re really excited to see how these updates improve your workflow as well as the surveys you’re creating for participants.

Improved Question Functionality Improved Question Functionality

Improved Participant Experience

This update has also focused on improving the experience for community participants on both desktops and mobile devices. The new Survey tool offers a cleaner design, improved mobile optimization so content loads faster on mobile devices, and features a new progress bar to highlight where they are in the survey and how many more steps to completion. The question updates bring you more ways to make surveys meaningful, fun and interactive for participants, keeping them interested throughout your consultation.

Participant View Improved Participant View

While the new Survey builder has received some great improvements with this upgrade, you’ll find it still has all the same incredible features, with twelve different question types, diverse participant options, best-in-class data gathering and reporting capabilities, and easy integrations. Now, it also has a simpler, easier, and more powerful backend and a cleaner more participant friendly frontend! The updated Survey builder will make simple surveys more impactful and easier to create, but also gives immense possibilities when used creatively. We’re thrilled about these new features and how they can further enable you to engage within your community using Surveys.

Contact your Engagement Manager if you’d like to learn more about skip logic or how the new survey builder can be enabled for your engagement site.

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