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We are delighted to introduce filters to help you analyse data collected through EHQ surveys. This is easily the most exciting addition to our reporting so far this year.

When in the past you needed to export your data to Excel first before interrogating it in more detail, you can do most of it in EHQ now. This will save you a lot of time if you are a survey veteran; if you are new to survey analysis, it will open up a whole new dimension of analysis capabilities to you.

What are filters?

Survey filters allow you to compare survey responses based on questions within the survey, your signup form or a combination of the two. 

Through this feature you can select multiple filters based on these two areas and EHQ will automatically apply them to the graphs and responses for each question in your survey. These graphs can then be exported into PDF or image and included in your reports. 

Where do I find it?

Check out our quick video to get started on your survey filtering straight away. 


Need more?

We invite you to share your feedback with us. Please get in touch with us via support@engagementhq.com or use the feedback forms that pop up from time to time in your EHQ.