Online traffic sources of Aware, Informed and Engaged visitors added to EngagementHQ reporting

The first step in a successful online engagement campaign is getting the people you want to hear from to your engagement platform.

This is just one area where your marketing team can offer great support to your engagement team.

Good marketing adapts to success and learns from failures, which is why we’ve introduced traffic sources reporting to EngagementHQ, so that you can see precisely which of your marketing strategies is most effective.

The traffic sources chart and report will allow you to better understand how your participants have found their way to your site.

But, because not all traffic is equal, we’ve gone the extra yard and made it easy for you to see which source drives the most “Aware” visitors, versus “Informed” visitors, and “Engaged” visitors.

As you know, “Aware” visits are relatively low value, whereas “Engaged” visitors are very high value.

As all our other reporting, you can look at the data for your entire site or on a project by project basis.


Here is a break down of the ‘Traffic Channels’.

  • DIRECT: Participants coming to your site by directly clicking in your address or going through their bookmarks and browser history.
  • SOCIAL: Participants arriving at your site via a social media source:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
  • EMAIL: Participants coming to your site through a link in an email, e.g. your newsletter.
  • SEARCH ENGINES: Participants using a search engine like Google to find your site.
  • GOVT: Participants coming through a referral link on a .gov or .govt website.
  • REFERRALS: Any other referral links from any non-government website.

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