Open doors to your community with time-based filters

EngagementHQ’s Participant Relationship Management (PRM) tool allows you to use time-based filters to keep your community database current and active.

These filters help you keep the door open to your community by actively engaging with new participants and those who’s interest has slipped.

In this post, we look at two simple ways you can use time-based filters to ensure you are using your community database to keep people interested in your engagement activities.

More than… (time-based filters)

With our new PRM updates you can now use the filter type more than to search for participants who haven’t visited your site in a certain period.

As you can see in the image above, these filters are easily applied by selecting the Other drop-down menu.

The more than filter will be available for both the Joined and Last seen options under this menu.

When you select the more than filter you can then establish the number of days ago a participant was last seen.

For establishing groups of churning participants, we recommend setting this to 60-90 days depending on your database size and amount of engagement activities.

Once you have applied this filter to your database you can then save the query as a new group called “slipping away” and use it to regularly send reactivation emails to drive return visits to your site.

Scheduling these reactivation campaigns in your diary for once per month is a great way to entice absent participants back to your consultations.

In these emails you might include;

  • A “We miss your input” message that reinforces the value you place on your communities participation
  • Tell them how long it’s been since you’ve seen them.
  • Provide an update on what they have missed, including any project outcomes
  • Let them know what’s currently available for comment
  • Have links to upcoming events

By using the more than filter and embedding this practice into your ongoing engagement activities you will be better equipped to maintain and active online community.

Less than… (time-based filters)

Another great way to use time based filters to keep your database current and active is the use the less than filter to communicate with recently joined participants.

In the image above, we now use a combination of the Joined and less than filters and set a 14 day period to show us participants who have recently joined.

Using these filters will show you information about participants that have registered for you site within the past 2 weeks.

In the same way, you should schedule to send communications to your clients that are slipping away, it’s also a good idea to embed the practice of sending welcome messages to your newly subscribed participants.

You might consider scheduling these communications to be sent on a regular day of the week.

Sending emails to these people will help you set the tone for your participants engagement journey and show them that you are invested in their ongoing contribution to consultations.

Use the newsletter tool to send these communications and think about including the following in your welcome emails;

  • Thank your participants to registering for your site
  • Outline your commitment to them and tell them why you need their involvement in your consultations. Outline your contract with them.
  • Let them know what’s open for comment
  • Link to some recent outcomes to show evidence that you close the loop
  • Ask them to encourage their friends and family to sign up
  • Any opportunities for extra involvement including people’s panels, citizens juries, community reference groups

Welcoming you newly registered participants using the less than filter is a great way to get members of your community invested in your engagement activities and can assist you with maintaining an active and healthy database.

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