Participatory Budgeting in Europe

Recently published, Participatory Budgeting in Europe: Democracy and public governance, is a comprehensive analysis of the practice of participatory budgeting across local governments in the European context. Through the study of a range of participatory budgeting experiments in over ten European countries, Yves Sintomer, Anja Rocke, and Carsten Herzberg explore the implications of participatory budgeting for democracy and governance, social justice, sustainable development and gender mainstreaming.

Widely translated, Yves Sintomer is a Professor of political science at Paris 8 University and Senior Fellow at the French University Institute.  Anja Rocke is Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt University, Berlin, where she is Chair of General Socioloy. Carsten Herzberg is a researcher at the Nexus Institut, and has taught at the University of Potsdam, and the University of Applied Sciences (Berlin), among others. The research questions whether democratic innovations such as participatory budgeting can improve the effectiveness of public services for the stakeholder communities.

Participatory Budgeting in Europe illustrates the origins and emergence of the practice by detailing the pioneering decade of European participatory budgeting. It examines the results of such practices in the context of contemporary agendas and, at a theoretical level, the participatory model itself. Comparing of cases within Europe, it points to commonalities and divergences in the varying political cultures that have shaped these cases. This enables a discussion of the theories of participatory and deliberative democracy and articulates some of the conflicts prevalent between public systems and democratic practices.

Photo:Costa Constantinides/Flickr/cc

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