Episode 29: Adapting Your Engagement During COVID-19

Duration: 33mins

Dan Popping and the team behind the City of Onkaparinga’s Landuse Engagement project (Onkaparinga Looking Forward), discuss adaption strategies and practical tactics of how they successfully completed their engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When COVID-19 caused a global lockdown, Council had projects and initiatives planned for 2020, along with engagement strategies to accompany them. COVID-19 threw a wrench in those plans. Onkaparinga quickly adapted to the new reality COVID-19 presented by bringing authentic interview-style videos to their engagement platform along with a survey, online discussion forum, and the Q&A tool.

What we’ll cover:

  • How a genuine and authentic approach to informing residents improves resident comprehension
  • Organizational and internal adoption
  • Benefits of using a digital-first methodology, informing engagement strategies well beyond COVID-19
  • Increasing participation on your engagement site
  • How closing the loop improves the quality of resident feedback

Tune in as Dan Popping, Practice Lead at Bang the Table, interviews industry experts on how to adapt your engagement strategy during COVID-19.

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