Episode 19: SA Power Networks Regulatory Reset and Engagement Process

An important part of engagement is closing the loop of communication which speaks to the transparency and trust that it creates with your audience. With their Talking Power Newsletter integration, SA Power Networks is able to close the loop and inform the workshop participants and reference group members when post workshop reports have been added to the Talking Power platform.

“Looking after around 860,000 customers across the state, we needed a way to touch those people and connect with them, and this provided us with an opportunity to do so.” – Jessica Vonthehoff, Manager Stakeholder Engagement & Communications, SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks set up a series of reference groups and specialist groups focused on different areas of planning. The creation of a private page for these groups, including unique logins, allowed them to engage more deeply and add value to their interactions. A few of these specialised groups included;

-Solar battery technology integrations
-Arborists managing vegetation around power lines
-Business group

How is Talking Power managing stakeholder expectations and response time in our “instant-gratification” focused world? How did the IAP2 Spectrum help them adapt and manage expectations around influence and engagement? How did they select the most effective tools for their project needs and time limitations?

Tune into this podcast to find out how Talking Power’s audience feels about the engagement process, progress, and successes SA Power Networks have undertaken.

Duration: 21 mins

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