Episode 24: Open Communication Inspires Intelligent Community Feedback for Coventry City Council

With a real desire to enrich their engagement, Coventry City Council wanted to move on from black-box Survey feedback to a more open way of communicating with their community. They wanted something which allowed a multimedia approach to inform the public with useful documents, photos, and videos. Let’s Talk Coventry became their convenient location where all of their consultations and engagement could live.

When discussing Coventry’s project around a new rough sleeping policy, “We have built up a wonderful Q&A where the general public have been asking us tough and searching questions, as well they should. What we have been able to do with that is demonstrate good faith and a willingness to do what we can by answering them in a public way and that is one of the best things I love about the Q&A tool.” James Sampson-Foster, Analyst Engagement Insight Team, Coventry City Council, “The feedback we have received from the public is fantastic. People are reading our strategies that we put up … And they are reading them line by line. They are giving us intelligent, well-considered feedback.”

What we’ll cover:

-Managing risk and finding the opportunity within
-How moderation in online engagement opens the door to more meaningful feedback
-Homelessness and scarcity of housing
-Engagement Platform vs. Social Media
-Introducing online engagement to your organization and community
-Internal Buy-In

Duration: 37 mins

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