Episode 25: 7 Questions About Digital Inclusion and Online Participation

As part of their new training course, Smart Engagement Techniques for the 2020s, Nick Duffin from The Consultation Institute (TCI) has invited Jonathan Bradley, Practice Lead at Bang the Table UK and TCI Fellow, to answer questions and provide insight into best practice digital inclusion and online participation. This podcast is a recording of Jonathan’s candid response.

Tune into this podcast for answers to the following questions;

1. What is ‘digital inclusion’?
2. Why is digital inclusion so important?
3. Where can we emulate offline qualitative events online? And how?
4. What are the most effective ways of involving people online?
5. What online facilities will young people, the elderly, and the vulnerable use?
6. Are there software packages that incorporate all these things?
7. What should we be looking for in online solutions?

Duration: 25 mins

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