Episode 26: Public Consultation Designed on Community’s Terms – District Council of Yankalilla

The District Council of Yankalilla in South Australia gathered public input as they began planning for the community’s future. Using a variety of community engagement methods and one central digital engagement platform, Your Say Yankalilla, elected officials were able to make more informed decisions by including voices from across the community.

What we’ll learn from Yankalilla:

  • Growth of internal buy-in and how elected members became more invested in community engagement
  • Engaging with youth
  • How utilising an external engagement facilitator affected the process and benefited community, council, and the engagement team
  • Making direct mail, social, traditional in-person, and digital engagement work together
  • How times and locations of community meetings helped drive higher attendance
  • Building trust and transparency

We engage communities for better decision-making, however, along the way it is important to realise, this engagement also builds community and resilience. In this podcast, you’ll hear about friendships being forged and common ground discovered among Yankalilla neighbours during this engagement process.

Duration: 30 mins

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