Podcast: Online Engagement, The Private Side of Public Work

When Bang the Table expanded its offerings into the US, it sparked the interest of Ingrid Heilke, host of The Private Side of Public Work podcast, and a leader in the urban planning and design sector. In her July 10, 2017 podcast she interviews our CEO, Matt Crozier, to get a clearer picture of who Bang the Table is and how it motivates citizens to get engaged.

Throughout the interview, Ingrid asks several questions that highlight the motivation behind Bang the Table and how it has changed the way people can get engaged in public discussions and decision making.

“I always used to work in government jobs and have watched policy being heavily influenced by [special interest groups] that don’t represent the broad community. Over the years I have become passionate about giving the broader community a real voice in the process, because I think we actually get better decisions on policies when that happens,” says Matt.

When you bring engagement online, tools are available to the public, enabling them to take part in important discussions from anywhere. Engaging online is easily accessible and you see more engagement from all sides of the spectrum. The ability for communities to share pins on a map, add photos that express how they feel, share ideas or vote on others ideas opens up the opportunity to participate in online discussions in a convenient way.

Listen to the full podcast to get more insights from Matt Crozier that can help you get started in engaging community members. Hear examples of storytelling, how to navigate emotion in this sometimes passion driven setting, and hear some examples of projects that were successful in growing community engagement.

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