THE UK CONSULT | Episode 18: Shout out to Colleagues, Korfball and The Numbers 34 & 66

Duration: 37mins

The UK’s Favourite Fries – the Debate Rages On

Elt ran a Twitter Poll this week following Anna from Traverse’s vote for Curly Fries last week. What was the outcome, and where do online polls sit in relation to the Government’s Planning Whitepaper around consultation?

Charly’s Choons is BACK!

Bang the Table UK’s own Charly Amos has been reliving Ace of Base – I Saw The Sign. She also invented her own dance routine for it which we hope to share in future weeks if Charly will allow??!!

Also, she’s been getting down with Lane 8 – Apes & Children.

Elt has been enjoying the late summer heatwave, and listening to Seb Fontaine – Global Underground Prototype 2which you can listen to here.

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