THE UK CONSULT | Episode 1: Rapid Online Deliberation and Other Buzzwords

The concept of #NotAnotherSurvey has taken hold in the UK as industries and organizations are utilizing technology that can take engagement and consultation to the next level by gathering more meaningful feedback with digital tools designed for open and creative public input.

With a number of buzzwords and new terms circulating the industry, we dive into a few that seem to be making an impact and changing the current tide of online consultation.

  • Rapid Online Deliberation: In-depth and deep engagement online over a short period of time, due to quick decisions needing to be made by local leaders around COVID-19. We have seen deliberative opinion polls created to analyze how attitudes change over the duration of a consultation, executed by launching surveys at the beginning and end of a project.
  • Building Online Communities has been a common theme this week, predominantly in the education sector, as students and teachers have moved to online classrooms and need a way to maintain a sense of community while lesson structures change.
  • Many professional bodies who previously spent a lot of face to face time at events have been discussing Member Engagement and replicating these events in a safe and moderated online space with the help of digital engagement platforms.
  • Explore the difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous digital consultation, as well as the creative shift we expect to see between the two, as this new normal of virtual interactions set in.

Tune in to hear how these ideas are leading to positive and impactful changes in the digital consultation world.

Duration: 20 mins

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