THE UK CONSULT | Episode 10: Distributed Dialogue, Medieval Times & The Number 13 Billion

Video Conferencing Platforms – Which is Best?

In a continuation of absolutely never ever mentioning online video conferencing platforms again, Jonno reveals the results of his “which platform is best?” Twitter poll.

Distributed Dialogue – What is That All About?

Jonno sheds light on this emerging concept.

Judge Jonno – The Letter E

This week, Elt researched approaches to public consultation and community engagement in Medieval times, which led him to Lausanne in Switzerland. Jonno presides over their “radically inclusive” approach to public consultation.

We also discovered an interesting course on the subject, offered by the University of Bristol, here.

New Project Launch in EngagementHQ: Highlight of the Week

This week we’re inspired by the All Age Carers – 2020-2025 Consultation, launched by Cheshire West & Chester Council. Working with the NHS CCG, the Council wants carers of all ages in Cheshire West and Chester to feel valued, empowered and have access to the right support at the right time.

Stats of the Week

The number 6: Elt can’t BELIEVE how angry former Republic of Ireland and Manchester United football legend Roy Keane is.

Jonno highlights the number 13 billion, before quickly turning grumpy about it. He’s even MORE grumpy about the number 13%, and conspiracy theories.

Meldrew moments

Jonno is beyond unhappy with attitudes to mask wearing, and equally downbeat about ill-functioning democracy. The icing on his grumpy cake is the UNESCO online public consultation consisting of 190 questions in a survey.

Elt is really grumpy about The UK Consult not being shortlisted for the National Podcast of the Year Awards.

Duration: 36 mins

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