THE UK CONSULT | Episode 11: International Online Education Engagement with Special Guest Caroline Drummond

Jonno’s Twitter Poll – What Makes a Great Podcast?

In an all-time low, Jonno reveals the results of his latest Twitter Poll.

Special Guest – Caroline Drummond from Study Group

Jonno and Elt are super excited to welcome Caroline Drummond from Study Group onto the Podcast for a guest appearance. Caroline explains how Study Group approaches online learning, and in particular how their global students use EngagementHQ to build a real sense of ‘student community’  by using many of EngagementHQ’s range of tools. The Art Club, in particular, has been a highlight using the Ideas Tool, encouraging students to upload images of impressive art they’ve done for others to view and comment on as part of their enrichment programme on their “Prepare for Success” course, preparing students to enrol on a University course with one of their many University partners.

Caroline outlines the challenges they faced, how their partnership with Bang The Table was integral to the success of their overall offering, (particularly the excellent support offered by the Bang The Table team) and challenges around participant single sign on, allowing students the ability to seamlessly access individual EngagementHQ tools/activities through their VLE (Moodle) without having to log in again.

Student generated content is of paramount importance, with peer learning and fun online activities central to Study Group’s approach, with fantastic outcomes in abundance.

Stats of the Week

Jonno explains what the number 62% refers to in the context of societal divisions, taken from this article.

The number 7,000: Elt can’t BELIEVE how many contributions Study Group students have made in EngagementHQ since launch.

Meldrew Moments

Caroline has absolutely no grumpiness to contribute, offering only huge positivity and enthusiasm around what she does and the Education sector.

Jonno is grumpy about the incessant barking of his ageing dog, and the early morning Seagull serenade he gets each day.

Elt is slightly grumpy about the possible “death of comedy” in the UK.

Duration: 25 mins

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