THE UK CONSULT | Episode 13: Gardening & Citizens’ Panels

Shoutout to Charly

Bang the Table is excited to welcome Charly Amos to the UK Team as a Business Development Manager.

Bradley’s Bangers

North Country Boy by The Charlatans

USA Bang The Table’s Zane Taylor recommends this Spotify Playlist for your work day – Ambient Space Soundscapes

Jonno’s Twitter Poll – WANTED Your views on the UK Govt’s Planning For The Future public consultation

Another Jonno weekly Twitter poll special. What is the nation’s verdict?

Emerging Trends & Themes in Online Public Consultation and Community Engagement

Jonno is excited about forthcoming online Citizens’ Panels projects and the potential for case studies. As he explains, these more deliberative, modern approaches have evolved greatly in the last 20 years.

Project Launch of The Week in EngagementHQ

Sussex Health and Care Partnership’s “The Future of Eastbourne Station Health Centre Public Consultation” has caught the eye this week. Have a look here!

The Letter G – Gardening

Judge Jonno presides over Urban Growth London’s approach to community engagement. Check out their website here!

Stats of the Week

Jonno analyses 9 out of 10 statistics, and the number 107 relating to farming.

Elt sheds light on the number 50% relating to Coronavirus and the impact of “fake news” on public opinion.

Meldrew Moments

Jonno is really upset about grass seed, website error messages, and poor approaches to public consultation in Blackburn.

Elt has let the UK heatwave get to him this week, and is tired of dressing for a tennis match just to sit in the same spot all day…..

Duration: 38 mins

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