THE UK CONSULT | Episode 2: Community Cohesion and Recovery

Explore examples demonstrating the importance of organisations continuing, or getting back into, conversations and consultations with community and stakeholders in the online space. How do you manage deliberative workshops online? How do you do in-depth face to face meetings with stakeholders online?

From fan engagement to resident consultation, organisations across the country are seeing the value of continuous conversations and involvement from their stakeholders. Housing associations are harnessing the power of digital engagement to maintain connectedness with their residents and keep them involved in ongoing decision making during this period of uncertainty. Barking and Dagenham Council have utilised online engagement in the launch of their Be First project, an inspiring and creative competition for children to create art in response to the changes taking place around them.  This project has provided families an innovative way to get involved in activities together and create community cohesion outside of the typical dry consultation we often see.

As we ask more and more people to provide input and connect together in the online space, privacy and security standards are more important than ever before. Participants need to feel confident they are contributing in a safe space where personal information is secure and comments are moderated for protection against harassment and inappropriate messages.

Tune in to learn how communities and organisations across the UK are building cohesive environments with online communities.

Duration: 19 mins

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