THE UK CONSULT | Episode 20: *NEW FEATURE EDITION* GovTech Reflections & Christie’s Comedy Debut

Duration: 37mins

Charly’s Choons

Jonno’s been listening to mellow music, in particular a Spotify playlist called “Dislocation Songs” by Awkward Corners. Have a listen here!

General Random Observations from the Week

A young Jonno (pictured left below in a  striking James Bond T-shirt) never did get the autograph of Ruth Madoc from Hi-De-Hi in the early 1980s in Bournemouth…..the one that got away! Little did Ruth know then the future stardom and fame that awaited that youngster on the global Podcast stage!

Jonno references the very British phrase, “sending someone to Coventry“, here’s what it means (via Wikipedia): To send someone to Coventry is an English idiom meaning to deliberately ostracise someone. Typically, this is done by not talking to them, avoiding their company, and acting as if they no longer exist. Victims are treated as though they are completely invisible and inaudible.

jonno as a child Ruth Madoc


Elt invites Jonno to take part in a new word-based public consultation and community engagement game. Will it make the cut through to the final release?

This week’s words/phrases ARE:

Root & Branch

Mind Games

Level Up

Emerging Trends & Themes in Online Public Consultation and Community Engagement

Jonno & Elt reflect on the GovTech summit which ran online yesterday. There is now a really clearly defined HUNGER for online participation and inclusion, this IS the moment! Plan for the long term, invest in technology! Invest in it now!

Mug Awards of the Week

In this new feature, Jonno will send out two mugs each week from the massive stash of Bang the Table merch he found in his cupboard. One is attributed to a perceived failure, one an overwhelming positive award! This week’s mug winners and losers are;

1) Mug Loser: Matt Hancock, for turning up late to the GovTech Summit mainstage then straightening his tie as if the computer screen was a mirror.

2) Mug WINNER! The North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee for launching a great new site in EngagementHQ. Hurrah!

Project Launches of the Week in EngagementHQ

Elt is really enthused by the launch of the Preston & South Ribble Flood Management Scheme, in particular the highly visual scheme overview page which you can see by clicking here.

Jonno is really excited by US-based McCandless & Me’s Backyard Chickens Zoning Amendment project, here

He is even MORE impressed by US Marketing colleague Christie Cutter’s natural ability to squeeze FOUR chicken-related jokes into a single sentence whilst describing it. Another Bang the Table comedy superstar is born???

person holding a chicken

Stats of the Week

67% – This represents the number of people polled in the North who aren’t confident about the UK Government’s pledge to “Level Up” in the North over the next 4-5 years.

Meldrew Moments

Jonno has reasons (at LEAST 3) to be grumpy this week;

1) Lack of public consultation on cycling and footpaths.

2) Reading glasses: He owns 20 pairs so as to never be without a pair to hand, but can’t find ANY of them.

3) Citizens’ Assemblies. #DelibWave

He is however very excited about Involve’s Toolkit of Participatory Methods which addresses the third point.

Elt is grumpy about trolling, not just on Twitter and Facebook (other social media platforms ARE available) but extending into virtual conferences, with people taking personal agendas into online meetings and trolling guest speakers, which limits participation by other guests who are put off by it.

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