THE UK CONSULT | Episode 3: Hardwired Engagement, Wildlife & Healthcare Discussion

Hardwired engagement is being woven into new industries and organisations to create a cohesive environment. We explore how organisations and healthcare programs are using employee and patient engagement to hardwire staff into their organisational culture and keeping people engaged in company mission and vision.

With sustainability and wildlife conservation becoming a major topic in the 21st century, we are seeing the importance and impact community engagement has on conservation initiatives. A study in Tanzania found positive ecological outcomes when analysing areas where local community are more involved.

Another emerging concept coming out of digital engagement is the idea and strategy of “on your couch engagement.” Technology has enhanced engagement by providing convenience and ease of participation for the public. Participants can view multimedia content to help them understand and engage on topics that interest and affect them. This convenience drives higher participation numbers and improves the quality of peoples answers.

Tune in for ideas on how to design your online engagement initiatives to coincide with this idea of “on your couch engagement.”

Projects to watch:

Southend on Sea Borough Council has launched with a new project called Good Neighbours, a place where people are inspired by good news stories and community supporting each other. See how they are using online engagement to spread the good news.

NHS South Central & West Commissioning Support Unit. 1300 skilled professionals are providing expert support for over 80 NHS customers on a national, regional, and local level. Leading on the care and digital transformation, care analytics, and organisational development programs. See how they have used online engagement to create a safe space for staff to engage, support, and work together.

Duration: 25 mins

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