THE UK CONSULT | Episode 4: Leadership, Fan Engagement, and Zoom Fatigue\

How does organizational leadership affect community participation, fan outreach, and the success of local projects and sports clubs?

With football season kicking off soon, we explore how Fan Engagement is different than general sales and marketing, and what that means for sports organizations. Learn how positive and bold approaches from leadership within the organizations lead to less commercialized outreach, and puts more emphasis on involving fans in improving the program, as well as its impact on community.

We also discuss barriers of change and the unique opportunity we have right now to create a better public consultation experience for our communities. As lockdown has changed the way we communicate with each other, a hot topic recently is the idea and genuine experience of Zoom fatigue. As Councils move their public meetings online, we share reasons why effective public consultation is not a Zoom meeting.

Projects to Watch:

See how these two Councils are conducting effective and inclusive community engagement with the use of digital tools on EngagementHQ.

Tower Hamlets is including residents in discussions around the safest and most effective ways to begin reopening public areas in their community. Over 1400 contributions have been made to the Places tool on Let’s Talk Tower Hamlets. Community members are dropping pins on the interactive map, as well as sharing Ideas where walking, cycling and social distancing can be made easier in their area.

Barking & Dagenham London Borough Council: In BeFirst London – It’s Time To Lift The Curfew project, Council has drawn up exciting new plans to give Barking’s 500 year old Curfew Tower a makeover. They are engaging residents around plans of decluttering the approach to the tower, radically improving the landscaping, and introducing displays that explain its historical importance. Visit their project to see how BeFirst London is using digital engagement tools and multimedia assets to educate, inform, and work with their community on the redevelopment of this historical site.

Tune in to this week’s episode of THE UK CONSULT podcast for a deeper dive with Elton Daddow and Jonathan Bradley, and find out what’s made Jonathan grumpy this week.

Duration: 24 mins

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